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Ozonator for Transport Bus

Bus AC Ozonator

Models: Ozonator250 / Ozonator1000
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Watt: 10-20W
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Brief Introduction of Ozonator for Transport Bus

Ozonator250 and Ozonator1000 are used for air purifier for transport buses, it can delete bad smell in the buses and kill virus in the buses to bring a comfortable tour time!  

bus ac Ozone Generator

Functions of Ozonator for Bus Air Conditioner

It is only designed for transport bus to install the bus air conditioners return air inlet with two main functions:

Delete bad smell in buses;

Efficiently delete the smell that cased by rotten foods (fruits and seafood), appreciate (sweat), smoke, gasoline, paint residue and so on.

Disinfect everything in buses;

Disinfect all kinds of harmful bacteria such as germ, mucedine, fungus, spore and influenza virus.

Bus Air Conditioner Purifier Device Together Use: Ozonator and Virus Killing Device

KingClima can provide different kinds of bus air conditioner purifier device, and we suggest that the ozonator is used with our Virus Killing Device 2020 in the bus air conditioners, which can bring a more safe and comfortable bus trip time!  

Technical Data
Models Ozonator---250  Ozonator ---1000
Voltage DC 24V/12V DC 24V/12V
Watt 10-20W 10-20W
Quality Certification ISO9001 ISO9001
Adaptable Vehicle 7-12m Bus A/C 7-12m Bus A/C
Working automatic control system working 3 minutes, rest 3 minutes, then recycle.
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