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Bus Air Anion Generator

Model: Bus Air Anion Generator
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Power: < 9W
Current: < 350mA
Anion Generator Amount /min: 5 million
Certification: ISO9001, UL
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Brief Introduction of Anion Generator for Bus AC

Bus air anion generator is a small device that to place in the bus air return grill, and it can release up to 5-10 million negative ions per second to keep the air fresh and health in the bus, bring passengers a comfortable trip.

It is a really good device to filter air currently and we can say it is the one of the most advanced air-cleaning technologies in the world!

Here this small device is only designed for bus air, different from the home negative ion generator and it disinfects and diminishes bad smells in the bus, generate ions, which are very health to human and can bring a relaxing and comfortable environment to passengers.

Functions of Bus Air Anion Generator

  1. The negative ion generator for bus air can release negative ions, fresh air and do health to human. It will not pollute environment when working.
  2. Easy to cooperate, reliable working performance and compact structure, suitable for the bus ac units.
  3. Specialized for bus climate cleaning use.
  4. Very safe to use, and working time up to 20000 hours without fault.
  5. Release 5-10 million negative ions per second.
  6. High efficiency and low heat.

Where to Place the Bus Air Anion Generator?

The bus air negative Ion generator places in return air grill, usually use it with Ozonter and bus air purifier, these three devices can make the whole bus air cleaning system to purifier the bus air totally and efficiently.
Technical Data
Voltage DC12V/24V
Power < 9W
Current < 350mA
Anion Generator Amount /min 5 million
Certification ISO9001, UL
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