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Bock FKX50 775K

Model: Bock FKX50775K Compressor
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Brief Introduction of FKX50775K Compressor

Provide OEM fkx50 775k bock compressor with good price, also have its remanufactured models for after sales market. KingClima is your one-stop and professional bus ac parts supplier.

BOCK FKX50 775K Bus AC Compressor OE Code 


Fkx50 775k Compressor Parts Number for Reference

KingClima is your reliable bus ac parts supplier in China, we provide two kinds of Bock fkx50 series bus ac compressor for use: original new and remanufactured bock bus ac compressor.  
Part no. Designation Application for
02282 SE55 / 1 LTR FK40+FK50
02110 SE55 / 1 LTR (Plastic buckets) FK40+FK50
03370 Filter, suction side FK40+FK50
05063 Shaft seal cover gasket FK40+FK50
05067 Gasket soldered connect. 42x34x1 FK40+FK50
05094 Gasket f. oilp. + rear bear. flange FK40+FK50
05169 O-Ring Ø 101, 19x3, 53 FK40+FK50
05280 Clearance ring for bearing Ø 90 FK40+FK50
05342 Seal ring 27x22x2 FK40+FK50
05361 Sight glass - insert Ø22 as of design key 013 FK40+FK50
06352 O-Ring Ø 28, 30x1, 78 as of design key 013 FK40+FK50
05673 Woodruff key A5x9 DIN 6888 FK40+FK50
05801 Locking screw 1/4“ NPTF FK40+FK50
06642 Lower valve plate gasket Ø 65 655K+775K+980K
06165 Front bearing flange gasket FK40+FK50
06721 Baseplate gasket FK40+FK50
06723 Oil filter FK40+FK50
06757 Ridial gasket ring FK40+FK50
40177 Locking screw M22x1,5 FK40+FK50
40195 Oil pump FK40+FK50
40198 FK40/50 roller bearing FK40+FK50
50443 O-ring of shaft seal FK40+FK50
50636 Valve flange gasket FK40+FK50
40194 Shut-off valve (AL)FK50 FK40+FK50
80090 Set connecting rod FK50 FK50
80105 Set piston Ø 65 655K/775K 655K/775K
80023 Set shaft seal FK40+FK50

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