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Benling DM27 A9 27cc 220V Electric Compressor for Bus AC - KingClima

Benling DM27 A9 27cc 220V Electric Compressor for Bus AC

Model: Benling DM27 A9
Voltage: 220V
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Brief Introduction of Electric Vehicle AC Compressor

KingClima can provide electric vehicle ac compressor from 18cc, 24cc, 24cc, 27cc and 34cc for electric vehicles. Here the DM27 A9 electric automotive ac compressor is 220v voltage with 27cc discharge. It is used for electric vehicles for OEM electric air conditioners.

Technical Data

Technical of DM27 A9 Electric Automotive AC Compressor

refrigerant capacity(3000 rpm) 2.15kw /7300 Btu/hr
input power 1.10 KW
current 5A
refrigerant capacity(4000 rpm) 2.90kw /9900 Btu/hr
input power 1.49KW
current 7A
refrigerant capacity(6000 rpm) 4.60kw /15700 Btu/hr
input power 2.30KW
current 10A
test condition Pd/Ps=1.47/0.196 Mpa(G) SC=5℃  SH=10℃  
Usable range
evaporated temperature -15 °F ~  70°F         
condenser temperature 77 °F ~  167°F
compression ratio 15.0 MAX     
refrigerant R134a         
working temperature -26 °F ~ 212 °F 
storing temperature -40 °F ~ 221 °F        
Compressor parameter
discharge capacity 27.0 cc/rev
weight 6.3kg
oil charge 120cc  PVE oil
refrigerant capacity 700cc
rotated speed rang 1000rpm---6000 rpm
safety valve pressure 4.0 Mpa
cover protection level IP67
motor coil temperature 248°F MAX
discharge temperature 239°F MAX
Motor parameter
motor type PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor
rated tortue 3.5 Nm
max tortue 4.5 Nm
Drive parameter
max power 3200W
working frequency 15HZ-100HZ
over heating protection 212°F
low voltage protection 110V
over voltage protection 200V
soft hardware overload yes
control method (common way) 1, pwm  2,gear 3,can 4-----
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