Bus ac parts
Valeo compressor TM31
Valeo compressor TM31
Valeo compressor TM31

Valeo compressor TM31

Model: TM31 (DKS-32)
Technology: Heavy Duty Swash Plate
Displacement: 313 cm³ ⁄ rev
Number of cylinders: 10 (5 double-headed pistons)
Revolution range: 700 – 6000 rpm
Direction of rotation: Clockwise (viewed from clutch)
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Brief Introduction of Valeo tm31

KingClima can provide the Valeo tm31hd compressor with high quality and best price for customers. Our customers are mainly from bus ac repair field and also would like to buy the remanufactured bus ac compressors.

OEM Code of TM31 Compressor


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Video of Valeo TM31


Technical of Valeo TM31 Compressor

Model TM31 (DKS-32)
Technology Heavy Duty Swash Plate
Displacement 313 cm³ ⁄ rev
Number of cylinders 10 (5 double-headed pistons)
Revolution range 700 – 6000 rpm
Direction of rotation Clockwise (viewed from clutch)
Refrigerant HFC-134a
Bore 36.0 mm
Stroke 30.7 mm
Lubrication system Gear pump
Shaft seal Lip seal type
Oil ZXL100PG PAG OIL (500 cm³)
Weight 9.5 kg (w/o clutch)
Dimensions 278.5 – 143 – 178 mm (w/ clutch)
Mounting Direct (side or base)
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