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Spal Evaporator Blower 006-B40VLL-22

Brand Name: SPAL Evaporator Blower
OE NO. : 006-A40-22,006-B40-22
Size: 350*136mm
Warranty: One Year
Static Pressure: 100Pa
Air Volume: 1000m³/h
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Introduction of Bus AC Evaporator Blower SPAL 006-b40/vll-22 24v

Spal Evaporator Blower is used in the system of bus ac parts,The OEM code of 006-A40-22,006-B40-22 of KingClima is original new one for bus ac unit with best quality.
Maximum Airflow (at zero Static Pressure) 596CFM (1010m³/h)
Fan Blade Ø 225mm (9")
Standard Features Waterproof motor, IP 68
Life Long life
Warranty 12 Months Guarantee
Operating Voltage 12v (tested at:13v)
IP Rating IP68
SPAL Type/Description VA07-AP7/C-31A
  /C: C Class 5000hr motor
Airflow Direction Suction
Mounting Bolt/Screw M5 bolt
Mounting Torque 3(+1/-0) Nm
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