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LANG CLUTCH 180mm-2A/280mm-2B

LANG CLUTCH 180mm-2A/280mm-2B

Brand Name: Lang Clutch
Type: 180mm-2A/280mm-2B
Application: bus magnetic clutch
OEM Code: Konvekta:H13003570, Solaris:1804170091, Lining:LA16274Y LA160274Y
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Brief Introduction of Lang Clutch 180mm-2A/280mm-2B

Lang Clutch 180mm-2A/280mm-2B for Konvekta:H13003570, Solaris:1804170091, Lining:LA16274Y LA160274Y bus magnetic clutch.
Model type is 2A 2B Groove  and 180mm/280mm.
Provide original new Lang clutch with best price.
OEM code is:
Lining:LA16274Y LA160274Y

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