Refrigeration Unit Parts


Model number: Unicla UPF150
Type: Unicla 10-cylinder swashplate
Cooling capacity: 4-6KW
Displacement: 145cc/rev
Maximum continuous: 6000 rpm
Refrigerant: R404A
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• Smooth and quiet operation with excellent performance through all rev ranges 
• Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation with no change in volumetric efficiency 
• Heavy duty impressed steel gasket and HNBR Japanese high-temperature O-ring (two-point seal) 
• Forged steel cylinder housing 
• Drop-forged 5050 aluminium pistons with synthetic PTFE heat-treated rings 
• Lip seal with high tolerance to heat and operational fatigue 
• Genuine NSK bearings throughout
Model number Unicla UPF150
Type: Unicla 10-cylinder swashplate
Cooling capacity 4-6KW
Displacement 145cc/rev
Maximum continuous 6000 rpm
Refrigerant R404A
Oil POE32 (160 ml)
Mounting TM/QP16/15 & SD7H15 compatible

The UP and UPF models are compatible with mounting brackets designed for compressors with 83 mm lug spacings and can be interchanged with many compressors used in various applications.

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Compressors for Bock , Bitzer , Valeo , Thermo king , Unicla , Denso , ETC and the compressor inner parts ; Electric compressors and parts;
Magnetic clutches for Bock , Bitzer , Valeo , Hispacold , Carrier, Thermo king  , Unicla , Denso , and clutch remove repair tools ;
Evaporator blowers and condenser fans for Spal , Thermo king  , Konvekta , Carrier Sutrak , Denso , EBM (BRUSHLESS) ,ETC
Receiver drier for Danfosss, Thermo king , Carrier Sutrak , Konvekta , Denso , ADK , Hispacold , ETC
Shaft seals for Thermo king  , Bock , Bitzer , Denso  , Hispacold , Carrier , Valeo ,ETC 
Alternator for Bosch, Thermo king ,Prestolite and spare parts,ETC
Pressure switches ,clutch bearings ,A/C tools and other bus air spare parts

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