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Bitzer 4NFCY
Bitzer 4NFCY
Bitzer 4NFCY
Bitzer 4NFCY

Bitzer 4NFCY

Number of cylinders: 4
Bore: 70mm
Stroke: 42mm 
Cylinder volume: 647 cm3
Displacement(1450/3000 rpm): 56.20/116.40 m3/h 
Allowed speed range: 500...3500 1/min
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Brief Introduction of Bitzer 4NFCY Compressor

Compressor bitzer 4nfcy is used for bus hvac solution with 4 cylinders to make the bus ac have a better cooling performance. It belongs to F400 series bus ac compressor, for other models of F400 series as below:
  • Bitzer 4UFCY
  • Bitzer 4TFCY
  • Bitzer 4PFCY
  • Bitzer 4NFCY

The OEM Code of Bitzer 4NFCY

  • Konvekta:H13002903
  • SUTRAK:240101213


Technical of Compressor Bitzer 4nfcy

Number of cylinders 4
Bore 70mm
Stroke 42mm 
Cylinder volume 647 cm3
Displacement(1450/3000 rpm) 56.20/116.40 m3/h 
Allowed speed range 500...3500 1/min  
Magnetic clutch 12V or 24V DC  LA16 Option
Mass Moment of intertia 0.0043kgm2 
Max. pressure(LP/HP)1) 19/28 bar
Connection suction line SV 35MM - 1 3/8"  
Connection discharge line DV 35MM - 1 3/8"  
Lubrication oil pump  
Oil type R134a BSE 55 (Option)  
Oil type R22 B5.2 (Standard) 
Oil charge 2.0 dm3
Crankcase heater 70W 12V or 24V DC (Option)  
Pressure relief valve Standard
Net Weight 33kgs 
Gross Weight 35kgs 
Dimensions 385*325*370mm
Packing Size 440*350*400mm
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