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Unicla ux330 Compressor - KingClima
Unicla ux330 Compressor - KingClima

Unicla UX330 Compressor

Brand Name: Unicla ux330 Compressor
Compressor Capacity: 330cc
cylinder: 10
power: 10-14KW
Max Speed: 4500 rpm
Clutch voltage: 12V
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Brief Introduction of Unicla ux330 Compressor

Compressor unicla 330 is used for auto ac with 2PK pulley grooves. KingClima can provide compressor unicla 330 with 2 years warranty.

Features of unicla ux330 compressor

1.Installation and displacement selectivity
Designed in a wide range of installations, it can be flexibly installed in different locations. Displacement from the smallest 45cc to the current maximum 675cc.

2.Piston swash plate compressor
10 cylinders (UP/UX/UM/UN/UNX) and 14 cylinders (UWX)
The compressor is quiet, smooth, low vibration, high volumetric efficiency, and can effectively reduce the ideal temperature in a short time under different revolutions degree.

3.Air conditioning R134a and refrigerated R404a
Exclusively air-conditioned and refrigerated models, the refrigerated model uses a built-in reinforcement to correspond to the higher pressure of the R404a.

Different sizes of AA, B, BB and multi-slot pulleys are available; coils are also available in 12V and 24V options.

5.Back cover
The one-piece cast compressor back cover can be selected from the upper or the rear outlet to effectively reduce the chance of oil leakage at the joint position.

6.Oil return joint
Both the refrigerated series and the Eureka compressors with a displacement of more than 200 are equipped with oil return fittings. The oil from the oil separator can be quickly returned to the compressor core through the oil return joint to ensure sufficient lubricating oil inside the compressor. Effectively lubricates moving parts in the compressor and extends the life of the compressor.

Technical of Compressor Unicla ux330

Compressor Capacity 330cc
cylinder 10
power 10-14KW
Max Speed 4500 rpm
Refrigerant R134a
Oil PAG#56
Clutch voltage 12V

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