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Valeo TM55 Compressor

Model: Valeo TM55 Compressor
Technology: Heavy Duty Swash Plate
Displacement: 550 cm³ / rev
Number of cylinders: 14 (7 double-headed pistons)
Revolution range: 600-4000rpm
Direction of rotation: Clockwise (viewed from clutch)
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TM55 compressor is Valeo compressor and we can supply original new valeo tm55 with a very good price. TM55 compressor can be used for bus ac system and truck refrigeration system according to your demands.

Catalog number of Valeo TM55 Compressor:

40430286, 40-430286, 40-4302-86

Technical Data of TM55 Compressor
Model TM55
Technology Heavy Duty Swash Plate
Displacement 550 cm³ / rev
Number of cylinders 14 (7 double-headed pistons)
Revolution range 600-4000rpm
Direction of rotation Clockwise (viewed from clutch)
Refrigerant HFC-134a
Bore 38.5mm
Stroke 33.7mm
Lubrication system Gear pump
Shaft seal Lip seal type
Oil ZXL100PG PAG OIL (1500 cm³) or POE option
Weight 18.1 kg (w/o clutch)
Dimensions 354 – 194 – 294 mm (w/ clutch)
Mounting Direct (side or base)
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