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New Upgraded Bus AC Parts : EBM Blower K3G097-AK34-65

On: 2021-06-28
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As an internationally renowned brand, EBM(ebmpapst)has mature technology and superior performance. Its fans and blowers are widely used in many bus air conditioner brands. EBM(ebmpapst) is particularly prominent in the field of brushless fan technology. KingClima can offer the Bus Air Conditioner Parts including the EBM K3G097-AK34-65 Evaporator Blower and K3G097-AK34-75 Evaporator Blower.

KingClima Supply EBM Blower K3G097-AK34-65

EBM K3G097-AK34-65 evaporator blower is one of the best-selling series of K3G097. It has been used steadily in the market for many years. Last year, EBM(embpapst) was committed to improving the life and performance of the fan. After the update, the number of the fan was changed to K3G097-AK34-75. And KingClima can provide this kind of Bus AC Parts.

KingClima Supply EBM Blower K3G097-AK34-65

Compared with EBM K3G097-AK34-65 Evaporator Blower, K3G097-AK34-75 has the following features and improvements:
  1. The blower installation size and connectors are exactly the same as K3G097-AK34-65, which can be completely replaced
  2. In order to be different with the old version, the last two digits of the model number have been changed to 75
  3. Upgraded chip and capacitor
  4. The life of the blower will be longer

It can be seen from the above curve that the performance of K3G097-AK34-75 and K3G097-AK34-65 are basically the same.

KingClima Supply EBM Blower K3G097-AK34-65

In the future, the supply of KingClima will gradually change from K3G097-AK34-65 to K3G097-AK34-75, which will further improve the performance of blower and air conditioners.

Except the EBM evaporator blower, KingClima can also provide other Bus AC Parts such as Compressor, Magnetic Clutch, Evaporator Blower, Condenser Fan, Expansion Valve, Fittings, Control Panel, Water pump, Pressure Switch, Air purifiers, Alternator and so on. Any needs just please feel free to contact us .