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Thermo King and Carrier Aftermarket Parts Replacement with Best Price!

On: 2021-07-14
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Looking for a Cooperation on Bus AC Parts and Refrigeration Parts! 

KingClima  Industry Newsletter

Thermo King and Carrier Aftermarket Parts Replacement with Best Price!

KingClima is the leading supplier of bus ac parts and TK/Carrier parts in China. We both provide high quality original new model but also provide China made high competitive price parts replacement. 

Original New or China made Replacement parts, which one choose? 

Original new parts with a very high price, so for some aftermarket service, the local customers may not accept it. And then the China made model also with high quality but low price is a good replacement for choice.
We have our own factory to produce the parts according to customers requirement, that is to say, we support customized service based on some quantity.
So if your local customers are price sensitive, do not hesitate to choose KingClima’s spare parts!

Advantage to Cooperate with KingClima in Bus AC Parts and Refrigeration Parts 

  1. We can supply very completed bus ac parts and refrigeration parts in China, so the one-stop service will save your valuable time, just send us your part number that you need, let us help to check the price and our stock.
  1. Reliable and stable supply. Customers don’t need to worry about the supply stability, we have our different own cooperative factory, which are especially to produce different bus ac parts and refrigeration parts with high working efficiency.
  1. Our customers are from all kinds of famous bus parts supplier or refrigeration aftermarket supplier, all of our customers give us a very high feedback to our products quality and service.
  1. Customized service, so give us your technical data that you need, let us to produce to suit your demands.
  1. No MOQ(Mini Order Quantity)limit, so no matter small quantity or large quantity, we both accept.
Other Hot Sales Bus AC Parts Replacement

It is unlike the used comprepressors, it is remanufacturered models, all spare parts are changed with China made new parts with two years warranty.
Now we can provide bitzer, bock FKX40 and FKX50 series, Hispacold, thermo king x430 remanufactured compressors. 
Bus AC Fans and Blowers
We provide two models: orinal new SPAL, EBM fans and blowers. China made models for SPAL and EBM replacement with a competitive price for bus ac after sales market. 
Bus AC Magnetic Clutches

We provide Linnig, Lang, Valeo, Thermo King, Carrier, Denso original new bus ac clutches. But also can provide China made bus ac clutch for replacement models with customized service. It has a very competitive price in after sales market. 
Parts for Thermo King and Carrier Replacement
Supply high quality low price of China made refrigeration parts for thermo king and carrier, which are very popular in the after sales market!
Send Us Your Parts List and Let Us for Help!
We can also support customized service according to customers demands and market requirement. 
KingClima is your reliable and best supplier of bus ac parts with one-stop service.

Please feel free to send us your parts list, and then let us help you find more good products! 
Cooperate with us, save time and save money! 

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Magnetic Clutch

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Welcome your enquiry for bus ac parts!
Wish a New Business Cooperation in Year of 2021!