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What is the difference of Brushed bus air conditioner fans and brushless bus air conditioner fans

On: 2021-06-28
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What is the difference of Brushed bus air conditioner fans and brushless bus air conditioner fans?

Bus ac condenser fans as one of important part of bus air conditioner spare parts take an important role. It is used to circulates air across the system's condenser coil to increase the transfer of heat. Usually in the bus air conditioning units, its condenser fans included into brushless and brushed type, now let’s see the difference between them.

Brushed bus air conditioner condenser fans are the traditional mechanical work, rely on the carbon brush work, the life of the carbon brush determines the life of the fan.

Brushless condenser fans are controlled by PCB, no carbon brush, better performance than Brushed. And air volume is four times of Brush models, also have the advantages of longer life than brushed one.

As for KingClima, all of our bus air conditioners adopt Spal brushless condenser fans, also we provide original Spal fans both of brushed and brushless types for the aftermarket bus ac repair sales.

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