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Bitzer 2GFCY
Bitzer 2GFCY
Bitzer 2GFCY
Bitzer 2GFCY compressor

Bitzer 2GFCY

Bitzer 2GFCY: 354 cm³
Volume production (1450 rpm): 30.8 m³ / h
Volumetric Production (3000 rpm): 63.8 m³ / h
Number of cylinders x Diameter x Piston stroke: 2 x 70 x 46mm
Allowable Speed ​​Range: 500 .. 3500 1 / min
Weight (without electromagnetic clutch): 12-13mts bus
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Brief Introduction of Bitzer 2GFCY

Bitzer 2GFCY compressor is two cylinder bus ac compressor that is used for small cooling capacity bus ac unit. KingClima as the agent of Bitzer can provide it with best price. For the 2gfcy compressor price compared with other agent, we can give more discount to the OEM factory customers.

Distinctive features of Bitzer compressors

● Due to a specially organized cooling process, both spirals in the process of work retain an equal temperature level. This ensures both optimal matching and lack of gaps due to thermal expansion.
● High reliability. The contact pressure of the spirals is controlled by sensors in the radial and axial directions. In addition, the design features allow you to ignore the effects of water hammer or accidental suction of pollution.
● Optimized connection between compression chambers, which also reduces the likelihood of gas leakage.
● Additional cooling. The motor is cooled by gas, which itself sucks, therefore external blowing is not required at high temperatures.
● Low levels of vibration and noise, which are further reduced by using the appropriate oil.
● A welded outer cloud ensures a high level of tightness and reduces the risk of leakage.
● Simplified installation, reduced size and relatively low weight.
● All this makes Bitzer not only a great industrial refrigeration compressor, but also an excellent option for private individuals to use in small industries or for personal use.

Technical of Bitzer 2GFCY Compressor

Technical specifications
Cylinder capacity 354 cm³
Volume production (1450 rpm) 30.8 m³ / h
Volumetric Production (3000 rpm) 63.8 m³ / h
Number of cylinders x Diameter x Piston stroke 2 x 70 x 46mm
Allowable Speed ​​Range 500 .. 3500 1 / min
Weight (without electromagnetic clutch) 19.0 kg
Electromagnetic clutch 12V or 24V DC LA18.060Y or KK45.1.1
Electromagnetic Clutch Weight 8.1 kg
Driving belts 2 x SPB
Max. overpressure (LP / HP) 19/28 bar
Suction line connection 28 mm - 1 1/8 "
Discharge line connection 22 mm - 7/8 "
Type of oil for R134a BSE 55 (Option)
Type of oil for R22 B5.2 (Standard)
Contents of delivery  
Oil refill 0.7 dm³
Crankcase oil heater 70 W 12or 24V DC (Option)
pressure relief valve Standard
Available options  
Oil dryer Option
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