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Bitzer 6PFCY
Bitzer 6PFCY
Bitzer 6PFCY

Bitzer 6PFCY

Cylinder volume: 836cm³
Number of cylinders x Bore x stroke: 6*65*42mm
R134a lubricants Model: BSE55
Speed range allowed: 500-3500 1/min
Displacement (1450rpm) : 72,7 m³/h
Weight (without clutch): 41,5 kg
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Brief Introduction of Bitzer 6pfc

KingClima provide original new bitzer roadstar 6pfcy compressor which is for bus ac cooling unit with 6 cylinder.
The bitzer 6pfc is used for large cooling capacity bus ac unit.

Technical of Bitzer 6pfcy Compressor

Cylinder volume 836 cm³
Displacement (1450rpm) 72,7 m³/h
Displacement (3000 RPM) 150,5 m³/h
No. of cylinder x bore x stroke 6 x 65 x 42mm
Allowed speed range 500 .. 3500 1/min
Weight (without clutch) 41,5 kg
Magnetic clutch 12V or 24V DC LA16 (Option)
Weight magnetic clutch 10 kg
V-belts 2 x SPB
Max. pressure (LP/HP) 19 / 28 bar
Connection suction line 2x 35 mm - 2x 1 3/8''
Connection discharge line 35 mm - 1 3/8''
Oil type R134a BSE 55 (Option)
Oil type R22 B5.2 (Standard)
Oil charge 2,5 dm³
Crankcase heater 70 W 12or 24V DC (Option)
Pressure relief valve Standard
Oil drier Option
Capacity control 100-66-33% (Option)
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