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Valeo TM21 Compressor

Model: Valeo Compressor TM21
Technology: Heavy Duty Swash Plate
Displacement: 215 cm³ ⁄ rev
Number of cylinders: 10 (5 double-headed pistons)
Revolution range: 700 – 6000 rpm
Direction of rotation: Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise (viewed from clutch)
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Are you looking for Valeo tm21 original new type of compressor? we can supply with a very competitive price for OEM market or after sales service market with our TM21 compressor, it can be compelated replace QP 16 compressor.

Valeo tm21 compressor for bus ac system with very good quality and better performance has a very large demands in the OEM or after sales market! Please find KingClima to get a good price! It is the replacement of QP 16 compressor for truck refrigeration units or bus ac systems. 

To equipped with different clutches and belt, please see the accordingly parts number for other brands as below.

TM21 Valeo (12V ; 8PK) Catalog Number


40430095, 40-430095, 40-4300-95




valeo tm21 compressor (12V ; 2A) Catalog Number


40430103, 40-430103, 40-4301-03

40430099, 40-4300-99, 40-430099,





TM21 (1XB ; 24V) 


103-57244, 10357244

Model TM21
Technology Heavy Duty Swash Plate
Displacement 215 cm³ ⁄ rev
Number of cylinders 10 (5 double-headed pistons)
Revolution range 700 – 6000 rpm
Direction of rotation Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise (viewed from clutch)
Bore 32.0 mm
Stroke 26.7 mm
Lubrication type Splash lubrication
Shaft seal Lip seal type
Oil ZXL 100PG PAG OIL (180 cm³)
Weight 5.1 kg (w/o clutch)
Dimensions 229 – 80 – 150 mm (w/ clutch)
Mounting Direct
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