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Bus AC Clutch Service and Repair Tools

On: 2021-04-21
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Bus AC Clutch Service and Repair Tools

KingClima - Leading Reliable Supplier of Bus AC Parts in China


KingClima is the leading supplier of bus ac parts in China, and we have the best bus ac parts manufacturers resources in China to export different kinds of bus ac units to all over the world. 
We are mainly direct selling our bus ac parts to Thermo King and carrier transicold after sales market resellers and bus parts over the world. 

Bus AC Clutch Service and Repair Tools for Customized Demands

Today we will introduce our bus ac clutch repair and service tools which we get the resource recently and sell to our customers to customized for him. Now see it, and welcome your enquiry if you need. 

Tools Kit for TM65 Clutch

Package Size: 28*28*16 cm / carton
Weight: 5.2 kgs

Extractor LW021 for clutches LA 16

OE: 10965072 - 401801020 - 685359 - 8817060000100 - 89190124125 - H99320200 - LW021


LA16 Clutch Repair Kit EB0128

Code: EB0128

Tools Kit Puller for Clutch

AC Clutch Removal Tool

KingClima Advantages Bus AC Parts
1. Bus AC Clutch 

We integrate the best bus ac clutch resources in China and get the best price and high quality. We direct sell to after sales service market with a competitive price!
2. Bus AC Remanufactured Compressor

We export to over 1000 sets of remanufactured bus ac compressors in European and North American market. All get customers good feedback. It is the best products for after sales market to help local customer save money. All of our remanufactured compressor with tracking code and change spare parts with China made new parts.
3. Bus AC and Refrigeration Fans

Not only for original SPAL, EBM bus ac fans and blowers, but also we can provide high quality competitive price China made models to matched with related SPAL models for the after sales market use!